Sepia Lane House.

Situated on Huntsbury Hill, this was an extensive earthquake repair and renovation. This dwelling is a large over-height workshop with studio living upstairs. This was a small project, but an interesting one with retaining wall repairs and a cantilevered second storey.

The front wall block work on the original workshop failed in the February earthquake and needed to be completely demolished and rebuilt, leaving the upstairs studio remaining. One corner of the building was re-formed by pouring in-situ concrete 3.6metres high. The damaged block work was substituted with large structural steel components to strengthen the building against damage from future earthquakes. Half of the studio roof was removed and a large dormer pitched, cantilevering the floor out over the new structural steel below.

New aluminium joinery was fitted to the studio upstairs to capture the captivating view across the city to the Southern Alps. The client had salvaged a house lot of North American Oregon floorboards from a derelict house some years prior. We were given the job of laying the flooring throughout the studio. Originally milled before the turn of the 19th century, it was satisfying to bring new life to this beautiful timber, and a touch of history and character to what is now a very well-balanced and modern living space.


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