How We Build.

Engaging the right builder is integral to the success of your build project. Smylie Builders is a small team of meticulous builders who care about the details as much as you do. Our attention to detail ensures every project is expertly built and finished.

Our people have the combined skills, knowledge and industry experience, combined with the readiness to embrace different methods of construction and innovative materials.

As your building team, we visualise the plans, make sure we understand your intentions, and provide clear, open communication to ensure you are completely informed. We keep the process as simple as possible, making the project an enjoyable, rewarding experience.

We are committed to building more sustainably. Smart design, choosing environmentally friendly materials and minimising waste are all part of our commitment. At the planning stage we calculate our resource measurements to reduce waste. We take care in sorting and recycling materials for later use. We constantly look for ways to reduce waste.

We work with carefully chosen subcontractors who share our commitment to exacting standards of execution. Our aim is to bring together all the details and work cohesively to achieve the best possible end result.

We have the experience to give you complete confidence. Most of our work comes from referrals – our clients enjoy building with us.

Guarantee & Certification.

  • Master Builders Guarantee

    Master Builders Guarantee:

    As registered Master Builders, you’ll have the peace of mind that your home has been finished to the highest standards.

  • Licensed Building Practioner

    Licensed Building Practioner:

    Being a Licensed Building Practitioner, Nick stays up-to-date with the latest building requirements and keeps his team well informed. The licensed building practitioner scheme was established under the Building Act 2004. The Act advises that the purpose of licensing is:

    • To assess and record building practitioners as having certain skills and knowledge relevant to building work; and
    • To license building practitioners so that, in regard to restricted building work, licensed building practitioners can carry it out or supervise it.

    Obtaining licensing status shows the public and potential clients that you meet a minimum standard of competency in your licensed area and it enables you to carry out or supervise restricted building work.

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For information on our building processes and our Master Builders Guarantee please go to How We Build. To view some of our complete projects please click on Image Gallery below.