About Us.

Smylie Builders is made up of a team of exceptional carpenters who share a passion for great design, innovative construction and quality execution. We are trade qualified, Master Builders. Building for us is about working together to create something unique and lasting. We are passionate about building to enhance the landscape in which we work.

We enjoy working with our clients and believe that with excellent communication building can be an exciting and immensely satisfying experience. We work with – and not simply for – our clients, ensuring that they are informed and involved at every step. Embedded in our ethos is a commitment to involving clients so that, ultimately, we can deliver exactly what they envision.

We are a family-owned business and we cover all aspects of residential building. Our number one source of business is repeat clients and referrals – testament to the reputation we have established for fine craftsmanship, reliability and strong relationships.

Nick Smylie

Nick Smylie
Managing Director

Nick Smylie's Bio.

Nick was brought up in the building industry. As an after school job, he would bike to the building site to do the daily cleanup. From this young age he established a passion for building. He is at home on the building site and loves all that running the job demands.

Nick is trade qualified, licensed and a registered Master Builder. He embraces the overall vision of the project and makes it a reality. Nick is onsite during the day building with his team and managing the job. He enjoys helping clients choose the best materials to build homes that are energy efficient, sustainable and built to last. Nick leads a well-rounded team of carpenters who share the same enthusiasm for construction.

Chelsea Smylie

Chelsea Smylie
Creative Director

Chelsea Smylie's Bio.

Chelsea oversees the day to day running of Smylie Builders. Chelsea is responsible for managing the accounts and general administration. She keeps a sharp eye on budgets, ensuring that with regular budget reviews the building journey is free of nasty surprises. Chelsea enjoys being involved at every stage of the building process and finds great satisfaction in the end result. She is responsible for our Health and Safety systems including keeping our plan, policy, site based information and reporting systems up to date. 

With an art and design background, like Nick she has a keen eye for detail and excellent vision for the overall project. She is able to support Nick and the client with onsite decision-making. With a strong interest in the building industry, she believes in good design and great execution.

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